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Explore some of the art that I have created over the years.  I can create a custom piece to your specifications, or you can check our inventory in the Shop page

Darcy Initial.jpg
coaster1a 4.25_.jpg
Lazy Susan - black 16 inch.jpg
Square Dish - 7_ Green and Black
Entry Hall Light Fixture 3.jpg
Medallion Large Custom 1
Medallion Large Custom 2
Large Plaque - Multi Colored 1
Unique Glass Art.jpg
Sushi plate red 7in 1lb.jpg
Sushi Plate red French van. 7in 10.6oz.j
Sushi plate - red 7_ - pic 1.jpg
Square Plaque - 15_ white - pic 1.jpg
Square Plaque - 11_ green - pic 1.jpg
Square Dish blue gray white 1lb
Square Dish - 10_x2_ red blue - pic
Square Dish - 10_x2_ black - pic 2.jpg
Square Dish - 10.5_ by 2_ red.jpg
Square Dish - 7_ white - pic 2.jpg
Split Tray - orange blue 12 inch.jpg
Pointer plaque 21in  blue green purple 2
Negative Moon Plaque 15in x 12in 1lb 4.4
Medallion Red 18_ 1c.jpg
Green plaque 12in 1lb 8.3oz.jpg
Entry Hall Light Fixture 1.jpg
Coaster - set of 2 - red 4.25.jpg
Coaster - set of 2 - green 4.25.jpg
Coaster - single - blue.jpg
Coaster - single - pink.jpg
Candle Bases
Swizzle Sticks - Custom Order
Lazy Susan - White and Blue
Small Medallion - Yellow
Large Plaque - Multi Color 2
Lampshade Small 2
Lampshade Small 1
11 inch bowl.jpg
12 inch mirror waves.jpg
Lazy Susan - White and Blue
Wall Plaque - Customer Wording
Large Plaque - Multi Colored 1
Medallion Oragne and Black.jpg
Sectioned Service Tray.jpg
11 inch bowl.jpg
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